Translates as    The Urban Scene/The Urban Seen
A collective exhibition that brought 13 artists to Caixa Cutural Center in Rio de Janeiro, each one with his/her own interpretation of the urban scene. I chose to occupy the space in a way that bounded the show’s two floors, interacting with the most impactful architectonic elements in Caixa Cultural: the Hall’s columns and the central stairway. My participation can be seen as three different works, or as one with changes of mediums and strategies.

Behind the stairs one would find what seemed to be black curtains with transparent areas, creating an oneiric drawing of Rio’s downtown architecture, a work called Moucharabieh (like the arabic window). The drawing builds a landscape where only the windows appears, as if it was a dark night and all the lights were on. However, through those transparent areas, one sees a drawing behind the curtains, showing a stairway that leads to an old building with many others stairs and little secrets - inspired by Rio’s old architecture, arabic moucharabiehs and Piranesi’s etchings.
In the central stairway I drew moving passengers taken from observations of the city’s day by day in the downtown. I used gouache paint, hence the images were vulnerable to the visitors intervention
At last, when the spectator arrived to the second floor, one could see an image made
of drawings glued over the central columns. The drawings had an anamorphic effect, so in some points of view it was possible to see a landscape floating over the main hall.
I worked not only as an artist, but also as executive producer, accompanying every phase of the project realization.


Plástico pintado, cabo de aço e papel vegetal
4,2 x 6,6 x 1,3 m

Ampliações fotográficas em vinil plotadas sobre colunas

Tinta guache sobre corrimão de escadaria Dimensões variadas