First I fell in love with tiles. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we have many blue and white Portuguese tiles in public spaces. I started to use laser cutting to create stencils in shape of tiles in perspective. Studying the history of tiles took me to islamic art and algorithmic design. Studying laser cutting and digital fabrication also took me to algorithmic art. 

When I realized I was fascinated with the relationship of mathematics and visual culture as materialized through geometric patterns. I learned about Ethnomathematics and entered a rabbit hole, went to live in a Huni Kuin village for a month in 2018, mostly to study their pattern making tradition and help them propose cultural projects for institutions. 

For the Huni Kuin, patterns are the underlying logic of nature. Everything is made of patterns. 

Here are some of the projects I developed in this line of thinking.

Silk Roads

Same Putumi - Huni Kuin shaman who invited me to live with her family

Ethnocomputing Experiments - installation with Wenqi Li

I also did quite some research on ethnomathematics and linear perspective, which I need to re organize here.