Mars College

Mars College is a three-month educational program, R&D lab, and off-grid residential community dedicated to cultivating a low-cost, high-tech lifestyle.

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Vanessa Rosa has been part of Mars College since its inception in 2020. She creates murals, leads workshops, hosts people and many more tasks. 

Vanessa Rosa’s mural for Mars College 2024 - colab with Marzipan (who created the design for theorganic mandala) and Will (who made the central typography). 

Collab mural with El Cekis for Mars 2024 -adapting a mural from 2022 edition
Little Martians Shrine 2023

Vanessa’s mural for Mars College 2022

Projection mapping over mural 2022 - colab with DRBT, Kif and Snays

View from Mars College 2022
Body painting with lase cut stencils based on Penrose tiles. Colab with Laz (model), Decoy (photo), Snays (Houdini 3d transformation)
View from Mars College 2021