Same - First Immersion

In September 2018 I had the pleasure of living for a month among an indigenous group of Huni Kuins (also known as “Kashinawa”), based in the upper part of the Envira River in the state of Acre, northern Brazil, western Amazon. I was invited by the Huni Kuin named Same Putumi, a healer and religious woman leader, who often goes to São Paulo to perform in cultural events.
The purpose of my trip was to better understand Same’s region and then elaborate projects with her. I spent a month living with Same and 20 other people from her village and together we went to other villages along the river. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit institutional spaces of other indigenous focused organizations in Rio Branco, Acre state’s capital.

Here is a bit of what we've done together.

The Envira River region
The Envira River region


Immersion into the Envira River region from Vanessa Rosa on Vimeo.

Photographs with Laser Cut Stencils and Sunlight

Body Painting made with Jenipapo (traditional fruit pigment), stencils and airbrush

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