Other Projects

Há muitas noites na noite - documentary series from Silvio Tendler

I did time-lapse painting animations for this series. The episodes can be seen on Youtube. More than 20 time-lapse animations were produced, along with 40 drawings.

Ha Muitas Noites na Noite - Teaser from Vanessa Rosa on Vimeo.

some of the series episodes (everything is available on youtube)

Samba Parade - Embaixadores da Alegria

Production of flags for a Samba School Parade. This Samba group, Embaixadores da Alegria (Ambassadors of Joy) is dedicated to promove the rights of people with disabilities, having many as part of its parade. February 2012

Artur Fidalgo Gallery

Mural exhibited at Artur Fidalgo Gallery, November 2012

Frustrated attempt to escape dilution

Sculpture, 2009