Infinity Game

The project is a collaboration between visual artist Vanessa Rosa, architect Veronica Natividade and creative coder Wenqi Li.
It was presented in Babycastles Gallery - From Aug.3 to Aug.24, 2017

Visual and numeric representations of infinity through the eyes of different cultures are the reference for an art exhibition that is also a game. A game made by paintings, coding, video mapping and infinity boxes.
The visitors were invited into the quest of looking for hidden numbers across the exhibition site, inside the infinity boxes. Each number is capable of transforming the projection mapping installation in an unique way. If the visitor finds them all, he/she wins a prize: a laser cut stencil and an e-mail with the research behind such project.
The project was first shown in Babycastles, NYC, August 2017. It’s based on research on ethnomathematics, a cultural contextualized approach on technology.

This project had the collaboration of Veronica Natividade's students: Camila Rodriguez and specially Marcelo Chaves

Infinity Game from Vanessa Rosa on Vimeo.

The projection mapping installation

The Infinity Boxes

People playing with the stencils and the projection

Design layouts and studies for the Infinity Boxes (made with Grasshopper by Veronica Nativida and her students)