Imaginary Tiles

The “Imaginary Tiles” project presents itself as an encounter between visual arts, architecture, new technologies and historical heritage.
Laser-cut stencils form the basis of paintings that look like traditional Portuguese tiles. However, these stencils are distorted with western perspective effect, producing a final image that is capable of tricking the eye. Furthermore, to create narratives through the tiles, I have been mixing the portuguese aesthetic with other cultures, such as the pictograms from Ghana known as Adinkra and Arabic tiles.

Video Reel for Imaginary Tiles

Azulejos Imaginarios from Vanessa Rosa on Vimeo.

Paintings done for Stroke Art Fair, Munich 2016

Work for Muro Art Festival, in Lisbon 2016 - invited by curator Ana Vilar Bravo
Photos by José Vicente e Bruno da Cunha - Both work for GAU - CAM Lisboa

The Dialogue Failure project. One can know more reading the following article: Vandalog - Street Art or Just Marketing?
Paintings done in New York in 2015 and 2016
Arts Orgs and Local Projects Gallery in Queens, Living Gallery and Little Skips Coffee Shop in Brooklyn

Paintings done in Rio de Janeiro, Botafogo 2015

Blue Wall Project. From GAU (Galeria de Arte Urbana da Camera Municipal de Lisboa). Lisbon 2015
Most of the photos are from José Vicente

Workshop made during a LIBRE (independent Publishers Association from Brazil) in MAM Bahia (Museum of Modern Art) in 2015

This image was taken in Porto, north Portugal, 2015