Imaginary Tiles

Solo exhibition at B[x]space. New York, March-April 2017
Exhibition statement written by the Iranian, NYC based, Marjan Fadavi.

"Human beings are members of a whole
In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain"

Saadi Shirazi, 13th century Iran

"I never escaped, I came for more being.
And I did it. Here in the very city where I am banned from being now, I managed to be more.
I’m no stranger to bans. I know how to play with them.
What I was stranger to was that line.
There is a line.
It separates the rational from the paradoxical.
I soon found myself on the other side.I was the complicated, the paradoxical, the confusing.
But thanks to the line, I found strangers I felt closest with. All similar in our non similarities, according to the line.
I studied, protested, worked , cooked, sang and danced with them.
They’re all dancing hundreds of bans away every day.
We, the residents of the other side, we the paradoxical, are all busy being now.
But my heart is with the other side. It must be lonely there.
Find your paradox, and you’re welcome here."

Marjan Fadavi, 2017 Iran-US

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