Using a photo from Angela Rolim, taken at Morro da Conceição in the port zone of Rio de Janeiro, I made a digital distortion of the image, so as to enhance the perspective’s illusion. After pasting the photo enlargement on a wall, I continued the work with spray paint and acrilics, creating characters that looked like the area inhabitants.
Intrigued by the illusive effect produced by the work, I decided to reassemble it in other contexts. I always try to adapt the paintings/collage to their new surroundings, creating characters and painted architectures that refer to local specificities.
This project was first created at Morro da Conceicao in the occasion of a feminist NGO mural art event coordinated by me, then exposed in the 63rd. Fortaleza Art Salon and redone with Julia Suav at II Kolirius International Festival in Macae in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Work made in Rio de Janeiro, photo by Paulo Barros

Work made in Fortaleza, photos Danielle Travassos