Artist Statement

My interest for worldwide cultures is directly connected to my experience as a Brazilian woman, raised in Rio de Janeiro, where each year we make offerings for the goddess of the ocean, Yemanjá, but our academic curriculum is mostly a failed (terribly underfunded) attempt to follow outdated versions of European and American standards. Also, as it's common to Brazilians, my personal experience means a family background of continuous ethnical and cultural mix, often in pretty violent ways. Loving history and philosophy, analysing how things came to be, is a deeply inspiring and liberating activity that became my path to understand my possible places and what is meaningful in the world 
I decided to dedicate a big part of my life to telling stories through images. One story leads to another and I'm fascinated with narratives that are capable of crossing the seas. From pattern recognition as one of the most basic tools of cognition, to worldwide traditions of pattern design, ethnomathematics, history of painting and history of representation (which merges painting, photograph, chemistry, physics and a lot of mathematics), computer vision, history of the materials I use to paint, to the story of one specific space I'm working on and the people who live there. Murals, videos, illustrated books, canvas paintings, installations, ceramics, whatever is the technique that suits the story I want to tell.

Recently I started to put more of my mental space in imagining futures, speculating from the trends visible now. As Ursula Le Guin argues, playing with lies, such as fictional narrative, can allow us to reach deeper truths than when we're constrained with honnest clear words.